Total Talent - an
Internal Mobility lens

Only 28% of talent acquisition leaders see internal candidates as an important source to fill vacancies - partly because of the lack of clarity around available roles, career paths and internal worker skills.

Along with this - results show that employee turnover due to a lack of perceived career opportunities costs an average-sized organization $49 million every year.

This thinking is having a massive impact on the ability for organizations to stay competitive.

Download our latest white paper to find out how AT&T, ATB Financial, Mondragon, Phillips and others avoid the challenges and factors undermining Total Talent and Internal Mobility efforts:

  • A lack of visibility
  • Outdated policies and processes
  • A mess of different systems
  • Company culture
  • Lack of senior buy-in or awareness

Whilst 87% of employers agreed a strong Internal Mobility program would help their retention goals and attract better candidates, only 33% of respondents actually have such a program. The past five years have seen internal hire rates trend downwards. From 41% in 2015 to 28% in 2017.

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